Anins Dairy Goats

Guernsey, Sable & Toggenburg Goats and Semen collection & processing

Gurensey Goats & custom Buck collection

We specialize in Guernsey Goats, but we also collect & process semen.

We have a few hair sheep, hoping there are extra rams for our freezer.

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In 2006 Anins welcomed it's first Guernsey goats, triplet doelings AI sired by the Golden Guernsey buck SWind Panzer.

Since then we have included and added to our herd several Golden Guernsey bucks of SouthWind (Swind) Farms breeding.

We have culled heavily and looked to include the strongest swiss breed foundation does and the best genetics possible.

Does from Kate Posey's Snowbird herd to incorporate the strength of her Saanens.

Does and most recently StumpHollo Devon (BG buck) from Joan Stump to obtain the lines of her wonderful Alpines.

The result is our animals have well attached productive udders, are of medium size, showing strong dairy strengths.

This year (2015) we have added a few new foundation does.

The most spectacular is the Sable doe SPRINGFIELD-OAKS CORTEZ FUJI we purchased from her breeder Elizabeth (Betty) Henning at the 2015 ADGA Spotlight Sale.

We also purchased some strong Toggenburgs, each bringing their own strengths.

See details of these does on our Foundation Doe Page.